Friday, 28.04.2023, 23:00 - 08:00

Asylum x Beelzebub

Goden b2b Whore

Hard & Industrial Techno

Asylum returns to the lovely MÄX to create a little hell on earth to let your inner demons out with our dear friends from @Beelzebubs_Ruhestaette.

For such a wondrous night we knew we had to bring the hottest, hardest and most mesmerising techno we could find.

Who better to do this than Rotterdam based artist @Dyen via his dark and captivating sound. With @Wndrlst there to wreak his havoc, everyones needs will be satisfied. If not, @xlxksxndrx will keep you hooked with her hard basslines that vibrate through your body, mind and soul. To ensure your utmost pleasure, Frankfurt based DJ @Reaktanz will bring bumping basses and mesmerising buildups. If the music wasn’t hard enough yet @Suspirio is bringing some gabber sweetness to the table.

Just like last time, there will be a clearly identifiable awareness team present at our event. Please feel free to approach them with anything that is bothering you or making you feel uneasy or unwell.

And as always, Asylum and Beelzebub want to create a safe and open evironment were everyone can be themselves. Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.

We’re brimming with excitememt just thinking about the 28.4. Cannot wait to dance with you again.

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