Friday, 19.05.2023, 23:00 - 07:00

Asylum x Wir sind die Nacht

Jonah Lee

Hard & Industrial Techno

About two weeks left to go until we partner up with german label Wir sind die Nacht back at the magical @maexzuerich

Switzerland has called and, heeding the little country’s signal, @wsdn.ofc is journeying from germany to the MÄX on the 19th of May. Together with their help we’ll show you an unforgettable night in the sacred halls of our community. Now it’s time for you to heed our call and come shake ya booties with us and complete the ritual. We can’t wait to welcome @o.b.i.hardtechno back to the Asylum along with his label @wsdn.ofc and the daddiest Viper Diva himself, @shlomo_taapion Need more bass? @officialhardtrax has got you covered. @dasstudach will also be returning for another round of his “schranzy” insanity. Need your third eye opening? @illuminati_techno will light up the fastest path to enlightenment. Last but never least, we’re also bringing you @jonah..lee for a well rounded hard, industrial and joyous night.

Our beloved Farmer will once again bestow upon us his sweet and juicy apples if you catch a case of the munchies and need refuelling.

As always, Asylum and Wir sind die Nacht want to create a safe environment where everyone can freely express themselves. Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.

» Shlomo (FR)
» O.B.I. (DE)
» Hardtrax (DE)
» Dasstudach (CH)
» Illuminati
» Jonah Lee (CH)

We look forward dancing, vibing and laughing the night away with you lot!

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