Saturday, 12.08.2023, 23:00 - 10:00

Raumklang Parade Afterparty

Goa/ Psytrance/ Progressive

Parade Afterparty on 2 Dancefloors @ MÄX Zürich

» Avalon (Nano Rec. | UK)
» Blastoyz (Welvrave Rec. | IL)
» BLiSS (Nutek Rec. | IL)
» El Gugen (ProgVision Rec. | CH)
» Fabio Fusco (Spin Twist Rec. | DE)
» Guschtavo (ProgVision Rec. | CH)
» Lovegun (7sd Rec. | CH)
» Morten Granau (Spin Twist Rec. | DK)
» Omiki (Spin Twist Rec. | IL)
» Outsiders (Shamanic Tales Rec. | IL)
» Phaxe (Spin Twist Rec. | DK)
» Reality Test (Alteza Rec. | IL)
» Si-Moon (Spin Twist Rec. | CH)
» Simply Simon (ProgVision Rec. | CH)
» Soulbeat (ProgVision Rec. | CH)

...and many more soon!!


MÄX Zürich
Hardstrasse 219
CH-8005 Zürich


Tickets are ONLY on sale @See Tickets
» Early Bird CHF 42.35 (exclusive Ticket Fee)
» Preisstufe 1 CHF 52.95 (exclusive Ticket Fee)
» Preisstufe 2 CHF 63.50 (exclusive Ticket Fee)
» Last Call CHF 68.00 (exclusive Ticket Fee).


*Presale is the only way we can guarantee entrance for our guests who will have a “SAFE” entry and are travelling a long way for this event!


» Doors Open: 22:30 - 10:00
» Music starts: 23:00 - 10:00
» Drinks and bottles from outside are not allowed, sorry!
» No free entry for Birthday peoples, sorry!
» Age limit is 18+ years (ID required)
» Timetable will be published 06.08.2023
» Event on 2 Floors

See you all on the dancefloors!

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